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Anorganisch-chemisches Kolloqium SS 2020

jeweils dienstags 17.15 Uhr, !!! HS Chemie !!!

Termin Gast Thema
28.04.2020 PD Dr. Arndt Remhof
Hydroborates as novel ionic conductors for all-solid-state batteries
19.05.2020 Prof. Dr. Biprajit Sarkar
(Univ. Stuttgart)
Metal Complexes of Neutral, Cationic and Anionic Mesoionic Carbenes: From Small Molecule Activation to Redox-Switchable Catalysis
17.06.2020 Prof. Dr. Thomas Bein
(LMU München)
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30.06.2020 Prof. Dr. Lutz Greb
(Univ. Heidelberg)
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21.07.2020 Prof. Dr. Ulrich Siemeling
(Univ. Kassel)
Stable N-heterocyclic Carbenes with a 1,1'-Ferrocenediyl Backbone and Their Heavier Analogues
XX.XX.2020 Julian Martin
AK Fischer
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Michael Krummer
AK Hillebrecht
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Dustin Simone
AK Krossing
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Die Dozenten der Anorganischen Chemie
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