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Anorganisch-chemisches Kolloqium SS 23

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18.04.2023 Prof Dr. Richard Dronskowski
RWTH Aachen
Die Kristallstruktur der Kohlensäure
Fritz Wortelkamp
(AK Krossing)
Improving Cathode Behaviours by Chemical Vapor Deposition and by Electrolyte Design in Lithium Based Batteries
Jan Rall
(AK Krossing)
From the Iron Pentacarbonyl Cation to Heteroleptic η6-arene Carbonyls and bis-(η6-arene) Cations
09.05.2023 Prof Dr. Christina Roth
Universität Bayreuth
Metallic DHBT-foams for the electrochemical reduction of CO2 to valuable products
16.05.2023 Prof Dr. Warren Piers
University of Calgary
Molybdenum Complexes for Ammonia Activtion: Mechanisms of Hydrogen Production and N-N Bond Formation
13.06.2023 Prof Dr. Beatriz Roldan Cuenya
Fritz-Haber-Institut, Berlin
Dynamic Catalysts at Work
20.06.2023 Dr. Julian Gebhardt
Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoffmechanik IWM, Freiburg
Electronic-structure methods for material science in photovoltaics
Lorenz Bier-Schorr
(AK Kurz)
P-XTRACT: Phosphate recycling from a local wastewater treatment plant
David Jurado
(AK Krossing)
Theoretical studies investigating the mechanism of methanol formation over a Cu/ZnO based catalyst
Malte Sellin
(AK Krossing)
Elektronendiebstahl und Silber-Koordination bei Acenen und Übergangsmetallcarbonylen
04.07.2023 Prof Dr. Takeaki Iwamoto
Tohoku University
Isolable Cyclic Alkylsilylenes as Useful Units for Synthesis of Unsaturated Silicon Compounds
Antoine Barthelemy
(AK Krossing)
Cationic, Subvalent Group 13 Complexes for Clusters and Catalysis
Luisa Kaufmann
(AK Butschke)
Investigations into the bonding situation in heterodinuclear Au(I)Pt(II) complexes

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